Cleanwater Handheld Shower Filter


Chrome Hand-held Shower Filter with Massage Function

Please note: This product is not suitable for an electric shower and will reduce the flow rate and pressure on your pressurised system. All shower filters do this to some extent. There is a compromise between flow rate and filtration.

Softener skin and hair through chemical filtration

Remove chlorine gases and softens skin hair

Massage function with 5 spray settings

Free hose and holder kit included

Super easy fitting, not tools or skills required!

Great travel buddy!

The Paragon HSF-1 is a replacement shower head built for hands on or hands free showering. Made in a high quality chrome finish and with multiple spray settings, this shower head is not only effective, but also stylish and looks amazing in your bathroom.

This shower filter reduces (not 100% removes) chlorine, hardness and hydrogen sulfate and restores the natural softness back into your skin, scalp and hair. Added bonuses such as long lasting and elimination of water odour and chlorine smells and taste, this is a must have edition to your bathroom!


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  • Key Benefits

    •   Reduces chlorine 99%

    •   Reduces hydrogen sulfate and restores natural softness of hair, skin and scalp.

    •   Eliminates water odour and chlorine taste.

    •   Reduces (does not remove 100%) scale for easier cleaning

    •   Reduces calcium and soap film build-up in shower.

    •   Active Ceramic filter media remineralises the water

    •   Media is NSF certified for Free Available Chlorine Reduction.


Cleanwater Inline Shower Filter – More Info

Shower Head diameter: 3 1/2″
Hose length: 4.5 feet long

Reduces chlorine 99%
Reduces calcium and soap film build-up in shower.
Eliminates water odor and chlorine taste.
Reduces hydrogen sulfate and restores natural softness of hair, skin and scalp.

Chrome finish
Rated to Last 10,000 gallons, or 1 year.
5 spray settings: full spray, massage, bubble, combo spray/bubble and combo spray/massage