Clean Water on Tap

Ceramic Undersink Water Filters with filter tap

Our Ceramic drinking water filters are are long lasting, self-sterilising and use 100% natural elements for filtering. Cleanwater filters remove contaminates like chlorine, lead and dangerous bacteria but they do not remove essential minerals from water that are beneficial to health.

If you think you are better off buying bottled water for your family you are wrong. Think of how long it is lying stagnant in plastic for before you drink it and think of the damage all that plastic is doing to our environment. With a Cleanwater filter system you have fresh, cleanwater on tap 24-7-365, you’ll never run out and you’ll never have to buy plastic bottled water again.

Taste the difference with Cleanwater, you can immediately taste the difference as chemicals, foul tastes and odours are removed.

Having a Cleanwater filter system installed gives you peace of mind that you are drinking water of the highest quality.

The Clean Water Systems Uses Ceramic Technology To Remove

  • Dangerous bacteria such as e.coli
  • Parasites including cryptosporidium, giardia & other cysts
  • Common metals such as lead and aluminium
  • Chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides and solvents
  • Foul tastes and odors
  • Sediment and discoloration


The CleanWater standard system costs €195 supplied (with DIY kit) or €295 installed by our professional plumber. After that it is just €45 every 9 months for the filter change. All parts on your Cleanwater system are guaranteed for 5 years once you keep your filter changes up to date.

Clean Water Filter Installation

Is is not a big job to fit our filtration systems as shown in the video below but if you don’t want to fit it yourself that is no problem.

When you buy our fully installed system we will arrange a time that suits you for one of our professional fully qualified plumbers to call out and fit your system.

You will not be waiting any longer than a week from date of purchase for your installation.

Shop our fully installed water filtration systems today!

If you want to to have fresh filtered water on tap in your home and office please contact us today