How It works

Hard water is water with a high mineral content. Water becomes hard when it flows through mineral rich rock such as limestone. Minerals which dissolve into the water include calcium and magnesium. Water hardness increases with the concentrations of these minerals. When heated these minerals will solidify. Hard water will create scale build-up in pipes, on the heat elements of appliances and in boilers. This can increase the cost of domestic water heating by about 15-20%. Hard water also prevents soap from lathering. Soft water is kinder to hair and skin, fabrics are softer, last longer and whites stay white.

Test the hardness of your water in a laboratory to determine its hardness.

The hardness is programmed into your water softener ensuring your water is treated efficiently

Our water softeners are metered meaning it will only regenerate when it needs to, minimising salt and water wastage

Most water softeners are timed, meaning they will regenerate every few days, these systems generally use too much salt and waste too much water

Limescale – The Science

Water softeners replace calcium and manganese ions in hard water with sodium ions. Sodium won’t precipitate out or effect soap lathering, eliminating the effects of hard water. This is achieved by running hard water through a tank of resin (zeolite). The resin is covered in a layer of sodium ions.

As the water flows through the resin, the sodium ions are exchanged with calcium and magnesium ions. This process continues until all the sodium ions are depleted.

At this point water softening has stopped and sodium ion regeneration is required. The salt reservoir contains a very strong brine (salt water solution).

This brine is flushed through the resin tank where its sodium ions displace calcium and magnesium ions built up on the resin, creating a new layer of sodium ions, this is known as regeneration. The waste solution of calcium, magnesium and excess sodium is discharged through a drain pipe.

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