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We use Cleanwater filters in all twenty Giraffe centres as it ensures that our children are only getting the best. The Cleanwater filters we have in place provide us with pure, clean water which not only tastes better but also gives peace of mind that there are no impurities in the water we’re giving to our children.

We use the filtered water for drinking as well as cooking and find it far more beneficial to regular tap water as the quality and tastes provided are superior. The water is not only visibly cleaner but has a pure taste that is evident in drinking and the food prepared in it.

Naomi, Giraffe Childcare

We have Cleanwater Coolers in all our Hairspray outlets as I want my staff and clients drinking quality filtered water without a horrible after taste. After having them installed and tasting the difference I immediately got one installed at home.

Warren Logan, Hairspray Founder

A few years ago I stopped drinking tap water in my house as the quality seemed to have deteriorated and chlorine taste increased . A friend told me about cleanwater.ie and I had read great reviews about their Doulton filters. I also worked out that purchasing one of their filters long term would be cheaper than purchasing bottled water never mind the hassle of carrying it around!

The filter was installed within a week of ordering and the difference in taste was immediate and better than any bottled mineral I have tried. I was so impressed that I waited a few months and got both the filtered and tap water tested independently to do a comparison. The results were that it simply removes the majority of chemicals and contaminants. So it works!

I have no problem giving the filters a clean every couple of months when the pressure drops off a little as it only takes a couple of minutes. And as you can see from the photos it’s a further reassurance that the filters are doing their jobs correctly! I could not recommend cleanwater.ie highly enough.

Brian Brady, Fitness Health and Nutrition, South Dublin

The Cleanwater filter was recommended to us by a neighbour. Up until then I was buying a lot of bottled water as my tap water did not taste very nice. Now it tastes great and I am getting one for the office.

Edmund Ross, Photographer

I did not give much thought to the water I was drinking. My wife just bought bottled water all the time, so when she heard about the Cleanwater filter she got it in straight away. The water tastes great and we are saving a lot of money.

B. J. O’ Brien, Knocklyon

I had heard that the Doultan water filter was proven to be the best filter on the market so when I heard The Cleanwater Company would supply and fit the filter for such a reasonable price I was delighted.

I used to hate the smell of chlorine off my water and the fact that there are still some old lead pipes around here also scared me. Even my tea and coffee tastes better since we had it installed.

Dr. Fran O’Keefe, Ranelagh

Tastes much better than tap and bottled water. Installed in less than an hour. Excellent Service! Removes chemicals so it’s great for boiling Vegetables. My cats no longer drink tap water.

Linda Meyer, Rathgar

Our tap water comes from the Liffey and all I used to drink was bottled water, my wife always drank the tap water and she regularly complained about a sick stomach. She didn’t believe me when I told her it was the tap water, I knew it was because I go fishing regularly on the Liffey. Since we got the Cleanwater system installed she has not been sick and I have saved a fortune on bottled water.

Greg Muldowney, Gallery 23, Sundrive Road

As a Crêche owner all the the news headlines about Irish tap water had me worried. Having the Cleanwater system in now gives me peace of mind. We no longer have to boil the water for babies bottles which is great, the kids drink more water than they used to and all the mothers are very impressed.

Ann Mc Govern, Orlagh Park Crêche.

Lime scale was a big problem for us so before Christmas. We had the Cleanwater tap and the Lime descaler fitted in our house. We used to go through 4 kettles a year now our kettle is spotless and there are no more bits of lime scale in our tea. The water is also much nicer to wash with and our shower head and taps don’t block up anymore.

Eileen Fitzgerald, Carlow

As a resident of Galway The Cleanwater System has been a Godsend. I would recommend this company to everyone, and I have. Boiling the water all the time was a nightmare and even after boiling it I was still wary. The cost of The Cleanwater system is also a massive bonus, it is a fraction of the cost of what some of my friends paid for filtration systems.

Sandra Hennessy, Galway

Our water looks and tastes so much better since we had Cleanwater filtration installed. We also have peace of mind that our drinking water is healthy and pure.

Dorothy Ryan, Enniskerry

I always drank bottled water because I did not like the taste of chlorine off my tap water. With my new filter not only do I drink more water I also cook my vegetables in it, as no chlorine means I lose no nutrients from them.

Liz Burke, Tailor, Blackrock

Before I got the Cleanwater filter in I did not drink enough water because of the bad after taste. Now my wife and I make sure to get our 2 litres in every day.

Jack Downey, Organic Butcher, Terenure


g.page/cleanwater to check out our reviews on Google my Business

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