Ireland’s No. 1 Suppliers of Water Filters

The Clean Water Company supply and fit plumbed in under-sink Water Filters, Filter Taps, Water Coolers, Shower Filters and Fluoride filters into homes and businesses throughout Ireland.

Water bottles make up over 50% of all single use plastics, polluting our planet!

Let’s reduce our plastic waste and cut out single use plastic water bottles altogether. Filtering your drinking water at point of use is the best option for the environment, your health and your pocket.

Our Happy Customers

This company installed my home water filter, have had no issues since installation and recently ordered replacement filters which arrived quickly after ordering. Helpful and polite to deal with.
12:12 02 Jul 20
I was very satisfied with the service provided by Cleanwater. Advice given over the phone and subsequent follow up were top notch.Many thanks
Declan Heavey
Declan H.
11:41 02 Jul 20
Great products and even better customer service.
Neil Doolan
Neil D.
14:39 30 Jun 20
Great Service and fast delivery.
Nadine F
Nadine F
10:40 23 Jun 20
Dominic Doheny
Dominic D.
07:49 23 Jun 20
Excellent service and great quality product!
Shane Flynn
Shane F.
09:22 11 Jun 20
Efficient Service. Great product. Very good customer support. Highly recommend.
Kalyan Nersu
Kalyan N.
20:55 28 May 20
Very fast response to any enquiries. Very happy with the water filter I purchased.
Irmgard Laussermayer
Irmgard L.
21:54 27 May 20
Vicki Farrell
Vicki F.
09:41 22 May 20
Very reliable company, always deliver really quickly! We have used them for about three years now.
Amanda Elliott
Amanda E.
12:49 18 May 20
Great service. Would highly recommend
Hannah Waters
Hannah W.
18:10 15 May 20
Very impressed with the speed of the delivery. Purchased the undersink water filter system with tap. Installed myself in an hour, now saving money not having to buy bottled water and happier not having to fill the recycling bin with empty plastic bottles! 👍🏼 10/10
Stephen Duff
Stephen D.
16:53 15 May 20
Top service , highly recommend
Arkan Al-Qudsi
Arkan A.
16:47 15 May 20
We are so glad we went with the Cleanwater Company for our water filter. They delivered the kit to our apartment. The plumber did a great job on the installation. Replacement filters are ordered online and delivered promptly. The quality of drinking water is excellent. Thanks to Daniel and Alan.
Victor Cotov
Victor C.
11:12 17 Apr 20
Delighted with my new Cleanwater system. No more flouride or other unwanted chemicals etc in my drinking water, no more money wasyed buying bottled water and then all the resulting plastic. And water tastes great! Using it for drinking (obviously), cooking, making tea/coffee etc. And i give Cleanwater Company 10 out of 10 for excellent product and customer service
Linda Dooley
Linda D.
09:54 17 Mar 20
Does what it says on the filter!
Ciaran Casey
Ciaran C.
22:52 16 Mar 20
Quick and efficient service, really happy to recommend.
Ingrid Goodwin
Ingrid G.
22:48 16 Mar 20
Ordered it at around 8pm , was installed the next day. I’ve had it a few weeks now and it’s great , got the fluoride filter too . Water is much much better , coffee and tea taste much better too. Would highly recommend.
20:52 16 Mar 20
ilaria paterno
ilaria P.
16:27 21 Jan 20
Daniel was extremely helpful in determining which product was best for me. I decided to get the ella 3 way tap with cleanwater combi system and liquid softener for limescale. I'm delighted with my decision - the quality of drinking water is now excellent, no more smell and it tastes great. The appliances, showers and sinks are practically limescale free.Also want to credit the plumber for doing a great job on the installation. Thanks.
Keith O'Sullivan
Keith O.
14:20 17 Jan 20
Daniel at Cleaneater answered all queries promptly and arranged installation of a filter system very efficiently. We are very happy with it..
Norman Allott
Norman A.
21:31 16 Jan 20
Always brilliant service. Another happy customer! Hiroko and Austin
Austin Currie
Austin C.
22:08 14 Jan 20
Ronan Flynn
Ronan F.
18:27 05 Jan 20
Paul Taylor
Paul T.
14:06 05 Jan 20
helmut clissmann
helmut C.
13:47 04 Jan 20
Excellent Service
mary meagher
mary M.
11:48 28 Nov 19
Great shower filter, easy to install and was also quick delivery
Emma Pye
Emma P.
17:32 27 Nov 19
Emma Leonard
Emma L.
07:09 20 Nov 19
Quick, efficient, excellent communication. Highly recommend.
Sean Forsyth
Sean F.
11:39 15 Nov 19
Great value for money and quick and efficient service. Thank you
Liam Coulson
Liam C.
14:12 06 Nov 19
I had the cleanwater system installed in July and I am so glad I did. I have tried for a few years to try solve the problem with the water in our apartment. It tasted horrible, there was a stale smell from it. Irish water said it was safe but it was really undrinkable and you could even taste it in tea and coffee. Within a day after a simple, professional and quick installation, all that changed. Now it is as good if not better than bottled water so no need for single use plastics either. I'm sorry I didn't make the change years ago. For the price - worth every cent. Highly recommended.
Liam O'Brien
Liam O.
09:51 08 Oct 19
We had been spending a lot of money on plastic bottled water to avoid Flouride. We came across and they provided a solution to reduce our waste and get clean filtered water. The installation was quick and easy and we are delighted with the taste of the new water.
Ian Henderson
Ian H.
09:14 07 Oct 19
Water filter quickly delivered after ordering
Cathal Lynch
Cathal L.
12:12 09 Sep 19
I contacted Daniel at the Cleanwater Company to have a filter system put into her kitchen and have an old large counter top one de-installed and taken away. Everything went perfectly, the person doing the job was on time and did a really clean job in a short time. No hesitation in recommending Daniel and The Cleanwater Company
martin mc cormack
martin mc C.
20:01 08 Sep 19
Great products, quick delivery and great customer support. Recommended.
David Gerulis
David G.
09:24 03 Sep 19
Just last week we got the Cleanwater Combi system installed. It's made such a difference, no more plastic bottles, no more Fluoride and Chlorine, just lovely healthy great tasting water!We're delighted with the whole system and the Doulton filters take up almost no space under the sink.Such a neat job and a shiny new tap, too!A great service and thanks to Daniel for getting it sorted for all of us!
19:51 29 Aug 19
Jessica Sheahan
Jessica S.
12:42 29 Aug 19
My Cleanwater filter has changed my life, as I no longer have to buy water! I live in an area where the water always smells of chlorine. I do not agree with Floride either, so that is taken care of too - with an extra filter; very clever. Customer care is wonderful - I can actually talk to a real person, immediately!
Kay Messent
Kay M.
09:00 28 Aug 19
We are so glad we went with the Cleanwater Company for our water filter. They delivered the kit to the house and offered to liaise with our plumber - they couldn't have been more helpful. We are a year down the line now and couldn't be happier with our Combo filter - no more chlorine, and no more fluoride. Easy to maintain, replacement filters are ordered online and delivered promptly. And most important of all - the water tastes great.
Marie Morrin
Marie M.
18:13 27 Aug 19
I had lovely cup of tea this morning water straight from the tap thanks Liam and Daniel.
Dominic Rogers
Dominic R.
07:35 14 Aug 19
Overall good experience.. Water is so much nicer no twang at all now.. Good customer service always on hand if any issue
John Houlahan
John H.
06:52 05 Aug 19
In our office, we changed from a water cooler to a filtered tap and we haven't looked back. Great service, installation done with professionalism and a minimum fuss. Also, very easy to order a replacement filter and have it delivered within a couple of days. Would highly recommend this company
Stephen Byrne
Stephen B.
06:55 22 Jul 19
Megan O'Donnell
Megan O.
08:42 20 Jul 19
Super quick delivery. Shower filter makes a huge difference and I can tell that the water is much cleaner. I will continue to use it for sure!
Andrea Gass
Andrea G.
16:44 19 Jul 19
Have just purchased the shower head filters for hard water for the second time. Was getting fed up of the damage the hard water was doing to both the shower head and to my hair and skin. Googled shortterm solutions and decided to try these. So easy to use just unscrew shower head from water pipe attach the shower head filter cage and reattach shower head. Away you go! Instantly notice shampoos and shower gels lather better and hair feels a lot lighter. Skin a lot less dry and as I've been using these for around 6 months now even my hairdresser was complimenting me on the condition of my once very dry hair! Great product for an even better price. Highly recommend you try!!
Aoife Barry
Aoife B.
21:52 18 Jul 19
Delighted I went ahead and get this done, Very happy with the product and service. The difference is clear, literally.
sandra dempsey
sandra D.
14:29 17 Jul 19
Great products - have used the Supercarb and Fluoride filters for a number of years - and always very helpful, responsive service.
Niall Byrne
Niall B.
09:35 10 Jul 19
Good service. I have used the filters for a few years and our water tastes good. Need to change them twice a year but you can see what they filter out.
Rory O'Callaghan
Rory O.
10:27 14 Jun 19
This is a great water filter system - good pressure and water so much clearer and fresher than before - definitely drink more water than before. Customer service excellent also.
Sab Cox
Sab C.
20:40 05 Jun 19
Excellent customer service and excellent product keep up the good work thanks
mark quinn
mark Q.
17:28 03 May 19
About Clean Water Filtering Systems Ireland

About Us

The Cleanwater Company Supply and Fit Water Filters throughout Ireland. These superb drinking water filters are currently used in over 150 countries and provide clean, safe drinking water to millions of households everyday. Unlike other filter systems our filters do not use electricity, they do not waste any water and they do not strip your water of essential good minerals. We are helping the environment and saving people money by cutting out the need to buy plastic bottled water!

Cleanwater on tap - Water Filtering Company Ireland

Cleanwater On Tap

Our Ceramic undersink water filters are are long lasting, self-sterilising and use 100% natural elements for filtering. Taste the difference with Cleanwater water filters as chemicals, foul tastes and odours are removed from your tap water. Your tea & coffee will taste better and we recommend cooking your vegetables in Cleanwater as they will keep in more nutrients as they won’t be fighting against the chemicals that are in your tap water.

Water Filtering Systems Aftercare - Cleanwater

Cleanwater Aftercare

We at Cleanwater Ireland always want our customers to drink the best. To keep your system working at the optimum level you must not forget to change your filter element every 6-9 months. Check out our tutorial cleaning video or book a service below.

The Clean Water Company supply and fit plumbed in under-sink Water Filters, Water Coolers and Fluoride filters, some of our top sellers below.

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There is lots of talk about alkaline water these days so Cleanwater along with our partners have asked an expert to see if there are huge benefits to this trend or if it is just a fad. Dr. Maria Yermolitska Explains What is water pH?......

If you want to to have fresh filtered water on tap in your home and office please contact us today
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The Cleanwater Co has made provisions to ensure your deliveries will not be affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic. We have made the appropriate arrangements to ensure your parcel will arrive and deliveries will continue as normal sent via An Post. We also have had no disruption to our manufacturing and supply chain.

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