Office Coolers

Mains Water Coolers

  • No More buying bottled water
  • Never run out of water again
  • No more storing, lifting heavy plastic water bottles

Clean Water Office Coolers

office-cooler-acia-floor-standing-chill-and-ambient-510cOur Clean Water office coolers are the coolest coolers in town with there sleek design, built in cup holder and Doulton filter you will be wondering why it took you so long to get one installed.

No More Clunky Plastic Drums

Gone are the days of drums of bottled water lying around the office taking up space.

Not only are those drums of plastic bottled water expensive, heavy and bad for the environment, who knows how long the water has been lying stagnant in plastic for?

Save Your Office €15,000 A Year!

We are saving companies thousands of euro every week by switching them from bottled water to filtered water, recently one of our customers saved €15,000 per year by coming on board with Clean Water.

It’s a seamless process done in a day by our friendly plumbers

Call us today if you want to chat about your water needs 01 514 3838

Each system comes fitted with Doulton Ultracarb filter. They also come in counter-top size with hot/cold filtered water.

If you want to to have fresh filtered water on tap in your home and office please contact us today
COVID-19Deliveries will not be affected

The Cleanwater Co has made provisions to ensure your deliveries will not be affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic. We have made the appropriate arrangements to ensure your parcel will arrive and deliveries will continue as normal sent via An Post. We also have had no disruption to our manufacturing and supply chain.

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