Vitafresh Advanced Shower Filter Replacement Filters 3 pack


The use of vitamin C in the treatment of hair and skin is well established and now this easy to fit shower filter can completely neutralize chlorine in your shower water by releasing vitamin C. This helps to improve the condition of skin and texture of hair.

These shower filters use pharmaceutical food grade of Vitamin C which is fully tested and compliant with UK and European Standards. This pack comes with 3 replacement filters in total. Each replaceable cartridge filters which have a life of up to 10,000 liters depending on your incoming chlorine and chloramine levels and flow rate.

The filter is very easy to install and uses a 1/2 inch, International Standard size connection.

The system can be used with any shower as it gives no loss in your shower water pressure.

Simple and attractive design to see the filter working through transparent housing and easy to know when you have to change the filter cartridge.

Special natural DOLKI ceramic ball makes water molecule smaller and can also energized the water to improve the hydration.

Meets the de-chlorinating requirements of the EPA’s Clean Water Act & environmentally safe.