Without A Kitchen Water Filter – Can’t Say You Are The Good Chef

Without A Kitchen Water Filter – Can’t Say You Are The Good Chef

In this modern world nowadays, cooking is not only about producing tasty foods but it must be a healthy diet as well. Top chefs in all 5 star restaurants only use filtered clean water for their cooking and hence able to preserve the original taste of the recipe. Using unfiltered water, the chlorine presence can really spoil the taste of the foods even how great is your cooking skill. The chlorine is commonly use to kill and curb organic growth in the water, imagine what can the chlorine do to our foods which are all organic. Will you still be able to maintain the original flavor of the foods and produce a tasty recipe out of it?
A simple test to begin with is to prepare 2 equal portion of vegetables and soak the vegetables separately in filtered and unfiltered water for 5 minutes. Simply boil the vegetables separately using filtered and unfiltered water, of course without adding any flavor or seasoning to both. This can be done exactly the same to prawn or poultry as well. I am very sure you can tell the different in taste in between the twos.
Soaking and cooking the foods using filtered water are definitely taste better, especially the color of vegetables will look brighter and more appetizing. Unfiltered water which contain chlorine will produce yellowish vegetables as chlorine is known to be used as bleaching agent.
A good kitchen water filter will be able to take away chlorine from our tap water, thus improve the taste of our foods and beverages. Studies had shown chlorine caused cancer, affect the immune and respiratory systems, and your family health is at stake!

The constant exposure to chlorine can cause chest pain, vomiting, coughing, difficulty breathing, tooth corrosion or excess fluid in the lungs. Chlorine can really do severe damage to the human organs if consumed regularly. Proven medical finding said it will increase 21% in the risk of contracting bladder cancer and a 38% increase in the risk of rectal cancer. Even you only use unfiltered water for washing dishes and kitchen utensils, the chlorine cause your skin, especially the hands to dry and crack, worst if it causes your skin to develop skin allergy problems.

A good kitchen water filter must be able to take out the harmful contaminants which are generally being classified into 2 categories. Fine particles, sand, mud, silt, bacteria, carpospores, asbestos and other undissolved contaminants make up the this category. Sediment filters like polyester, fibre or porous ceramic materials are best at taking out these category.

When come to dissolved contaminants such as volatile organic chemicals, copper, lead, mercury, synthetic chemicals, chlorine and pharmaceuticals drugs, a special activated carbon kitchen water filter is required to absorb and remove them from the water. Kitchen water filters which are made of carbon block, granular carbon or improved carbon kitchen water filter which have incorporated KDF-55D; an alloy made of zinc and copper, are all activated carbon kitchen water filters.

If you are really serious in improving the taste of your foods and beverages, I would strongly advise you to have a kitchen water filter installed. By using the kitchen water filter, the health hazards of chlorinated water will be eliminated, all other harmful contaminants will be trapped by these kitchen water filters, the taste of your food and beverages will be greatly improved and you can enjoy your meals in a true “tasty and healthy” sense.

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