Advantages of a Cleanwater system over a RO system?

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Advantages of a Cleanwater system over a RO system?

by Daniel Downey –

What are the advantages of a Cleanwater system over a Reverse Osmosis (RO) system?

I often get asked this question by my customers so I said I would write a blog post outlining the disadvantages of a RO system and some of the advantages of a Cleanwater system:

  • RO water filters remove essential natural mineral like sodium, iron, calcium, and magnesium that are essential for our body and causes a lack of essential minerals within the body. It is a major disadvantage of RO water purifiers.

Cleanwater filters do not remove those minerals from the water, which are beneficial to health and are made from 100% natural elements. They do not add anything to the water they filter. This contributes to The Cleanwater Company’s ability to pass the stringent NSF® testing procedures. Many other filter products add traces of chemicals to the water they filter.

  • With RO systems there is a lot wastage of water as unfiltered water is flushed down as wastewater. This is a major disadvantage as we are trying hard these days not to waste such a precious resource. RO systems also require electricity to function making them vulnerable to a loss of power and also adding more mone to your electricity bill.

With your Cleanwater system it gives you piece of mind that there is zero wastage and no electricity is required. The Cleanwater system is so versatile they can be used literally anywhere in the world from an office block to a refugee camp.

  • RO systems are bulky taking up all the room under your sink, they are expensive to install and expensive to maintain and as natural minerals are removed from the water it gets de-mineralised as a result the water taste gets affected and it becomes tasteless.

Cleanwater system are neat and inexpensive and can be self maintained, they are impregnated with silver which inhibits microbiological growth. Cleanwater filters are made from 100% natural materials and are a low cost investment due to their effectiveness and their long life. Cleanwater is full of minerals making your water taste great.