Cold Stream Gravity Filter


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Coldstream Sentry Gravity Water Filter System with 4 Filters

✓ The best gravity filter on the market today

✓ Come with four powerful 2.9″ x 8″ Coldstream Ceramic Filters

✓ Comes with a high quality and durable stainless steel tap

✓ Reduces sodium fluoride to high levels 97% (see test data) without any additional filters

About Coldstream

Coldstream’s mission is to make the very highest standard drinking water filters, capable of providing you with clean, safe drinking water that tastes great straight from the tap, or direct from a gravity fed supply anywhere in the world.

We achieve this through our unsurpassed technical understanding of filtration techniques and material performance, our comprehensive system and filter testing and manufacturing quality assurance and using our unique high performance ceramics made using our own hi tech manufacturing processes.

General Features and Specifications

  • Unique high performance ceramic
  • Filter candles can be cleaned and re-used
  • Gravity fed water filter
  • Easy install
  • Renewable Energy powered manufacture
  • Free delivery


Coldstream have recently entered the market for portable gravity water filters with this fantastic new product, the Coldstream Sentry Gravity Water Filter System. They have taken all the product flaws with other leading products on the market and solved them through their innovative approach. Here is a summary of what makes them different and better:

1) Rubber – The Coldstream system has 4 filters which eliminates the need for the rubber grommet which has been the cause of both complaint (because of the rubbery taste) and failure (because of the grommets having defects which allow unfiltered water too pass through – which is a massive issue especially when considering usage on raw untreated water supplies). Therefore, for this reason,Coldstream and better and more reliable and having four filters massively improves the flow rate, making production much faster. Of course you can add up to 4 filters in competing products but these do not come as standard.

2) Powerful Filters  The Coldstream filters are extremely powerful at filtering. They are even able to reduce fluoride (up to 97% – see test results). Doulton Super Sterasyl, Doulton ATC Super Sterasyl and Black Berkey Filters do not reduce fluoride on their own, so you have to add extra filters (the PF4’s for the Doultons and the PF-2’s for the Black Berkey Filters). This is a problem because they screw onto the end of the main filters and take up space in the filtered water chamber. They are also made of plastic so the plastic is then sitting in your filtered water, not nearly as good as Coldstream who have solved it through their more advanced filtering technology.

3) Fluoride Removal – the other very important aspect of the Coldstream filters is that they reduce fluoride without using Activated Alumina which exchanges fluorides with aluminium hydroxide.Coldstream use micro-ceramics to achieve this without migrating materials into the water through exchange making them far superior to older fluoride reduction technology.

3) Stainless Steel Tap  The Doulton (British Berkefeld) and Big Berkey all have a plastic tap which is nowhere near as strong and durable as the stainless steel tap which comes as standard with theColdstream system. This tap will provide years of trouble free service and is sturdy and reliable.