Cleanwater Touch Free Cooler


Chilled & Ambient Cleanwater Touch Free Plumbed in Mains Water Cooler

Special introductory offer 535 euro supply only with inline filter or 635 euro fully installed with inline filter. Due to current covid restrictions we are only installing and servicing within our own county Dublin.

The Cleanwater Touch Free Cooler with elegant and modern design, perfect for any office or workplace. Great in its performance and simple in its functionality. The CW Touch Free is the first watercooler entirely conceived and dedicated to the office. The machine is fitted with an Energy Saving function to reduce energy consumption making it a great alternative to reduce the use of plastics and it uses refrigerant gases completely natural (HC), R600a, for environmental protection.

Dispensing is activated at a distance of 1.5 cm avoiding direct contact with the chiller and any possible bacteria contamination. The CW Touch Free surface is treated with a silver ions-based technology, called Nano Silver Pipe, able to reduce the 99,9% of bacterial proliferation. The point of use watercooler is also equipped as standard with Nano Silver Pipe, a stainless-steel pipe treated with silver ions to prevent bacteria build-up and any type of deposits at the end of the dispensing point. We supply this cooler with an inline water filter.

Dimensions (H mm x W mm x D mm) 1119.5 x 351 x 416.2 mm