Cleanwater Osmio Sanser Sanitiser 2L


The Cleanwater Osmio Sanser is a smart and effective sanitising solution generator. Using electrolysis it produces a disinfectant solution with a concentration of 1200mg/L which can quickly and effectively kill many bacteria.

Soak, wipe and spray. An effective environmentally friendly sanitiser with 99.9% sterilisation rate.

The Cleanwater Osmio Sanser Sanitiser 2L can produce disinfectant with a concentration of 1200mg/L which can quickly and effectively kill many bacteria, viruses and is a safe, environmentally friendly, hygienic and healthy alternative way to disinfect.

The sanitiser can be used in three concentration ranges to suit your requirements and the liquid can be stored for up to 30 days.

Concentration Range

Time                   Solution concentration        Concentration range

5 minutes           Low                                      200 mg/l

15 minutes         Medium                                600 mg/l

30 minutes         High                                     1200 mg/l

This product can be used in many areas for example, to sanitise hands/body surface, fruits, vegetables, tableware, home, office etc, pets, toys, bathing areas, bleaching and degrading pesticides.

When used on the skin, the solution can be used as a small wound disinfectant, anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, can provide relief of itching from mosquito bites.

When used in the house, the sanitiser can be used to sanitise toothbrush’s, denture disinfecting, used to sanitise baby bottles etc, used to clean all areas of the home.

Additional Information

10 L, 20 L

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