Gut infection outbreak in Roscommon caused by water supply

Gut infection outbreak in Roscommon caused by water supply

Image: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/Press Association Images

AN OUTBREAK OF cryptosporidiosis has been identified in Roscommon town and the infectious organism has been found in the water supply.

The gut infection is caused by a parasite that leads to diarrhoeal illness. Although most healthy people get over the sickness quickly, it can be more severe for people with already-poor immune systems.

On the advise of the HSE, Roscommon County Council issued a ‘boil water’ notice yesterday. An incident response team has also started investigating the incident and is working to “minimise the risk to the public”.

Boiling water before use is the best measure to ensure it is free of cryptosporidiosis and other infections.

Anyone suffering from diarrhoea for more than two days should contact their general practitioner and provide a stool sample for testing.  They should continue to drink plenty of boiled or filtered water.

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