Doulton Water Filters Review

Doulton Water Filters Review

By Jane G Lee

Approximately two thirds of our body is made up of water which makes it important for us to drink plenty of water all the time for us to void getting dehydrated and for our bodily systems to perform normally and at its best. Another threat poses on our primary source of drinking water from which there is a high risk of drinking unclean and unhealthy drinking water full of contaminants. But with the help of water filters, we get to be in easy access of a clean and healthy drinking water.

In the world market today, a lot of water filter manufacturers are vying for the general consumers’ appreciation. Most of these brands continuously boast their filters’ high functionality but only a few were able to best deliver their claims. One of the most trusted brands of world class filters is the Doulton Ceramic Filters. Doulton is a known world leader when it comes to water filters. With over 150 years of experience and continued service, Doulton water filters is the most widely used filter in over 140 countries worldwide. Being a trusted brand, Doulton water filters are used in various large organizations such as aid agencies and water cooler companies.

With Doulton, tap water is treated for the removal of incoming bacteria and sediment then treats the water for other contaminants. Equipped with a three stage sub-micron ceramic filter, Doulton effectively and efficiently eliminates the harmful pathogenic bacteria and common particulate matter. As it effectively reduces the unwanted contaminants in the tap water, the taste, odor, and color of your drinking water is notably improved. Such filter also requires less maintenance as it is designed for easy and simple cleaning.

Doulton filters are made of filter elements that are produced with the use of the latest ceramic techniques to come up with a hollow porous ceramic. The product is then fired at a temperature in excess of 1,000 degrees Celsius. This later on results to a chemically inert ceramic filter that can be stored for all eternity without even losing its effectiveness. Although it effectively filters all unwanted particles in the water, a Doulton filter leaves oxygen and mineral contents unchanged which makes it capable of providing a fresh and wholesome taste of the water.