13 treated amid Roscommon water contamination

13 treated amid Roscommon water contamination

A total of 13 cases of cryptosporidiosis have so far been diagnosed in Roscommon following a water contamination outbreak.

Up to 6,000 people in Roscommon town and surrounds are being affected by the discovery of cryptosporidium in the local water supply. A ‘boil water’ notice has been in place since April 25th.

The contamination can cause cryptosporidiosis, a gut infection caused by a parasite and resulting in a diarrhoea-type illness.

People living and working in the area have been advised by Roscommon County Council and the HSE to boil all water for drinking, preparation of salads and for use in brushing teeth. Both bodies have set up an incident response team to deal with the outbreak and to minimise the risk to the public.

Sales of bottled water have shot up in the area amid concerns that the boil water restriction could remain in place until the system gets a clean bill of health, possibly not for several weeks.

Tests have revealed that the outbreak has been caused by an animal-related organism in the water supply.

A boil water notice has also been issued in Boyle following the discovery of cryptosporidiosis in the Boyle / Ardcarne water supply scheme in the north of the county.

As a precautionary measure, the Council is advising consumers who avail of water from the scheme to boil water before use until further notice. The townlands affected are Killaraght, Rockingham, Knockvicar, Cootehall, Tarmon Road, Kiltycreighton, Crossna, Derrycashel, Moigh, Carigeenroe, Battlebridge and Ardcarne.

In a statement yesterday the HSE said: “The HSE West’s Public Health Department, have been notified of 13 cases of Cryptosporidiosis in Co Roscommon (Boyle and Roscommon) and those 13 people are recovering”.