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Handheld Shower filter – Replacement filter

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  • You have 14 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it. 
  • Only items that have been purchased directly from Us.
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Franke Replacement Filter – Supercarb to fit Franke Triflow System

Franke Replacement Filter – Supercarb to fit Franke Triflow system

The flat end Doulton cartridges are direct replacements for the Franke Triflow cartridges.10" slimline ceramic water filter candle made in Britain with an absolute filtration rating (defined as >99.99%) of 0.9 microns and 3/4" / 19mm short mount.


USETaste & Odour Reduction, Scale Control, Bacteria Reduction
CAPACITY3,800 litres
FILTER / CARTRIDGE LIFETIMEUp to 3,800 litres or 6 months, which ever comes first.
MIN. WORKING PRESSURE0.7 bar / 10 psi
MAX. WORKING PRESSURE8.75 bar / 125 psi
FLOW RATE3.7 lpm / 0.98 gpm (US Gallons)
MOUNT TYPEShort Mount - 19mm
OVERALL DIMENSIONSMETRIC254mm (h) x 49mm (dia)IMPERIAL10.00" (h) x 2.00" (dia)
SPECIFICATION NOTES*Micron RatingAbsolute (defined as >99.99%) 0.9 micron Nominal (defined as >99.9%) 0.5 to 0.8 micron
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Replacement Fluoride Filter - Clean Water Ireland Quick View

Replacement Fluoride Filter

Replacement Fluoride Filter

Although the main purpose of this filter is to remove fluoride activated alumina can remove many other contaminates.


Replacement Fluoride Filter Specs:

  • Dimensions: 10"X2.5"
  • Weight: 2Lbs
  • Operation Temp: 40F-100F
  • Filter Life: 4,500MG/L OR 260 GPG
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Cleanwater Cooler Replacement filter

Replacement Filter – Cleanwater Cooler

Low Cost, High Performance

  • Genuine John Guest push-fits and 1 micron carbon block and GAC filter cartridge options give you high performance at a great price.
  • Large discounts are available for bulk orders. Speak to us with your volume requirements and see how much you could save.
  • An economical, compact and hygienic filter system optimised for water coolers
  • Built to Last

    Hydro+ cartridges are made using something called spin welding technology. Basically the body and the end cap are put in a machine that holds the pieces together and spins them – but it spins them so fast that enough friction is generated to melt the plastic and bind the pieces together. The point of this is a high quality hermetic seal with no glue and no leaks. Pretty clever we think…

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RO Zero Installation – filter replacements (pack of 2)

RO Zero Installation - filter replacements (pack of 2)

This is the full replacement filters pack for the zero installaion portable RO system. These state-of-the-art filtering cartridges makethe zero installaion portable RO systemone of the most innovative reverse osmosis systems of the market.
Model50GPD Membrane PACK OF 2
Filter ParameterNo
In Depth50GPD Membrane for The Cleanwater Zero Installation Purifier. This is a Quick-Change Membrane 50GPD which reduces over 10,000 known impurities. NSF Certified for Material Extraction NSF Std 42.
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Stainless steel T piece valve - clean water Quick View

Stainless Steel T Piece Valve

Stainless Steel T-Piece Valve

  • Quality stainless steel T piece valve that we use for our water filter installation
  • Easy half turn to cut off water entering the filter when it needs cleaning.

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Replacement Filter – Ultra Carb Quick View

Replacement Filter – UltraCarb

Replacement Filter – UltraCarb

Ultracarb replacement filter

  • Pathogenic bacteria: Cholera, Typhoid, Shigella, E. Coli, Klebsiella Terrigena >99.99% removal
  • Cysts: Cryptosporidium Parvum, Giardia Lamblia >99.99% removal
  • Sediment: Down to 0.9 micron absolute; 0.5 - 0.8 micron with a filtration efficiency of >99.99%
  • Trace Organics Removal - Insecticides: Lindane @ 0.1 ppb presence >85% removal
  • Trace Organics Removal - Herbicides: Atrazine @ 1.2 ppb presence >85% removal
  • Trace Organics Removal - Phenols: TCP @ 1.2 ppb presence >50% removal
  • Trace Organics Removal - Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons: PAH's @ 0.2 ppb presence >95% removal
  • Trace Organics Removal - Trihalomethanes: Chloroform @ 150 ppb presence >50% removal
  • Inorganics Removal - Free Chlorine: 2mg cl/l challenge >97% removal NSF Class 1 standard 42
  • Lead removal - 98.3% NSF Standard 53

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Liquid Water Softener Refill bags (box of 4)

The MiniDUE 250gram Acquasil Refil Bags are designed to be used with the Acqua Brevetti MiniDUE system and are designed to eliminate limescale buildup within your filter system.

Price includes Free Postage and PackagingAcquaSIL 2/15® is a liquid solution made of of 100% safe food grade polyphosphates that are specific for drinking water treatment. This liquid is injected into the water supply and helps to prevent the formation of scale desposits and to also prevent the corrosion of metal components in your plumbing system. The MiniDUE system is a much simpler solution to getting rid of limescale than buying a water softener as the unit itself takes up very little space and is very easy to install.The MiniDUE 250gram Acquasil Refil Bags are designed to be used with the Acqua Brevetti MiniDUE system and is designed to eliminate limescale buildup within your filter system. The pouches are very easy to install and to remove from the system, and they also come with full instructions on how to remove and fit them.The 250gram pouches come supplied in a box with 4 packs with each bag lasting up to 3 months and treating up to 11 cubic metres of water. The box will last you for a year and in total will treat over 40 cubic metres of water. There is also a 1000gram bag option as well which will also treat up to 44 cubic metres and last up to 12 months.  
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Replacement Filter – Ceramic Whole House (small)

Replacement Filter – Ceramic Whole House (small)

Active Ceramics Filter is the replacement filter for the Active Ceramics Small Whole House Filter System. The filter is a high performance, long-life, compact whole house water filter, ideal for when space is limited.The advanced filtration system will remove chlorine, toxins, heavy metals, hormones and fluoride and is highly effective at killing and containing bacteria in water such as E-coli, Pseudomonas etc.Through the active ceramics, the Small Whole House Filter provides softer, non-scaling water for kitchen and bathrooms and de-chlorinated water which is less aggressive on skin and hair in the shower - perfect for eczema and psoriasis sufferers.The filter produces pH enhanced water with minerals and increased alkalinity and anti-oxidants in the water too.The filter is easy to change and has a life up 1-2 years (or 100,000 litres).The naturally degradable ceramics can be scattered on lawn and plants at end of life for improved soil drainage and plant growth.
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Cleanwater Handheld Shower Filter

Chrome Hand-held Shower Filter with Massage Function

Please note: This product is not suitable for an electric shower and will reduce the flow rate and pressure on your pressurised system. All shower filters do this to some extent. There is a compromise between flow rate and filtration.

Softener skin and hair through chemical filtration

Remove chlorine gases and softens skin hair

Massage function with 5 spray settings

Free hose and holder kit included

Super easy fitting, not tools or skills required!

Great travel buddy!

The Paragon HSF-1 is a replacement shower head built for hands on or hands free showering. Made in a high quality chrome finish and with multiple spray settings, this shower head is not only effective, but also stylish and looks amazing in your bathroom.

This shower filter reduces (not 100% removes) chlorine, hardness and hydrogen sulfate and restores the natural softness back into your skin, scalp and hair. Added bonuses such as long lasting and elimination of water odour and chlorine smells and taste, this is a must have edition to your bathroom!


  • Key Benefits

    •   Reduces chlorine 99%

    •   Reduces hydrogen sulfate and restores natural softness of hair, skin and scalp.

    •   Eliminates water odour and chlorine taste.

    •   Reduces (does not remove 100%) scale for easier cleaning

    •   Reduces calcium and soap film build-up in shower.

    •   Active Ceramic filter media remineralises the water

    •   Media is NSF certified for Free Available Chlorine Reduction.

Cleanwater Inline Shower Filter - More Info

Shower Head diameter: 3 1/2"
Hose length: 4.5 feet long

Reduces chlorine 99%
Reduces calcium and soap film build-up in shower.
Eliminates water odor and chlorine taste.
Reduces hydrogen sulfate and restores natural softness of hair, skin and scalp.

Chrome finish
Rated to Last 10,000 gallons, or 1 year.
5 spray settings: full spray, massage, bubble, combo spray/bubble and combo spray/massage

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Puricom ZIP RO – full replacements

Replacement Filters for the Puricom ZIP System

This is the full replacement filters pack for the Puricom ZIP portable RO system. These state-of-the-art filtering cartridges make ZIP systems one of the most innovative reverse osmosis systems of the market. Thanks to its bayonet assembly, maintenance times can be reduced as well as contamination risk.Pre-filters are an essential part of a reverse osmosis system. They carry out an important treatment on inlet water in order to ensure that the reverse osmosis membrane can work under proper conditions, thus guaranteeing the quality of treated water.545900 FT-82 5 μm Sediment filter.790353 FT-92 carbon BLOCK.02.Reverse Osmosis membrane - It is the most important component of the system, since it determines, to a large extent, the quality of treated water.The Reverse Osmosis process is based on nature and has been used for more than 30 years. These semi-permeable membranes only allow nearly pure water to flow through, by removing excessive salts during the process. Likewise, it also rejects bacteria and micro-organisms, heavy metals, viruses and more.717704 Capsulated GREENFILTER - Post-filters allow the user to adjust the quality of osmotised water to its needs and tastes.The pack contains the following filters:1st: PP 5 micron filter (changed every 12 months*)2nd: Carbon filter (changed every 12 months*)3rd: 75 GPD RO membrane (changed every 24 months*)4th: Post carbon filter (changed every 12 months*) 
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