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Cleanwater Inline Shower Filter

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Cleanwater Combi Water Filtration System

Cleanwater Combi Filtration System

This superb product has become one of our most popular over the past few months:
  • It combines the quality Doulton undersink filter with an extra filter alongside to remove fluoride from your tap water.
  • This filter really gives you peace of mind by removing contaminates such as chlorine, e.coli, chemicals as well as fluoride.
  • You will instantly taste the difference and unlike some filter systems it won't remove good minerals found in tap water.
  • Fitting service available

This filtration system comes with:

  • Doulton filter and housing
  • Fluoride filter and housing
  • Fully chrome drinking water tap
  • Stainless steel easy shut off valve
  • John Guest push fit connections and tubing
  • Fitting instructions
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Replacement Fluoride Filter - Clean Water Ireland Quick View

Replacement Fluoride Filter

Replacement Fluoride Filter

Although the main purpose of this filter is to remove fluoride activated alumina can remove many other contaminates.


Replacement Fluoride Filter Specs:

  • Dimensions: 10"X2.5"
  • Weight: 2Lbs
  • Operation Temp: 40F-100F
  • Filter Life: 4,500MG/L OR 260 GPG
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Cleanwater Handheld Shower Filter

Chrome Hand-held Shower Filter with Massage Function

Please note: This product is not suitable for an electric shower and will reduce the flow rate and pressure on your pressurised system. All shower filters do this to some extent. There is a compromise between flow rate and filtration.

Softener skin and hair through chemical filtration

Remove chlorine gases and softens skin hair

Massage function with 5 spray settings

Free hose and holder kit included

Super easy fitting, not tools or skills required!

Great travel buddy!

The Paragon HSF-1 is a replacement shower head built for hands on or hands free showering. Made in a high quality chrome finish and with multiple spray settings, this shower head is not only effective, but also stylish and looks amazing in your bathroom.

This shower filter reduces (not 100% removes) chlorine, hardness and hydrogen sulfate and restores the natural softness back into your skin, scalp and hair. Added bonuses such as long lasting and elimination of water odour and chlorine smells and taste, this is a must have edition to your bathroom!


  • Key Benefits

    •   Reduces chlorine 99%

    •   Reduces hydrogen sulfate and restores natural softness of hair, skin and scalp.

    •   Eliminates water odour and chlorine taste.

    •   Reduces (does not remove 100%) scale for easier cleaning

    •   Reduces calcium and soap film build-up in shower.

    •   Active Ceramic filter media remineralises the water

    •   Media is NSF certified for Free Available Chlorine Reduction.

Cleanwater Inline Shower Filter - More Info

Shower Head diameter: 3 1/2"
Hose length: 4.5 feet long

Reduces chlorine 99%
Reduces calcium and soap film build-up in shower.
Eliminates water odor and chlorine taste.
Reduces hydrogen sulfate and restores natural softness of hair, skin and scalp.

Chrome finish
Rated to Last 10,000 gallons, or 1 year.
5 spray settings: full spray, massage, bubble, combo spray/bubble and combo spray/massage

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Fluoride Filter plus plus housing - water filtration system Quick View

Fluoride Filter Plus Housing

Fluoride Filter Plus Housing

Our water supply has been supplemented with fluoride for years, despite the fact that controversy still rages about its safety. Countless studies point to evidence that it is not only unnecessary, but can also be dangerous to your health.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. A Cleanwater fluoride water filter will eliminate fluoride and other toxins from your drinking water, providing you with a safe and healthy supply of drinking water at an affordable cost.

Benefits of Fluoride Water Filters

  • Reduces up to 95% of fluoride from your water

A Cleanwater fluoride water filter will help to prevent the onset of dental fluorosis, a condition that results in brown, pitted teeth. Dental fluorosis occurs as a direct result of ingesting fluoride through drinking water and other sources.

Other studies point to the fact that fluoride in water is both a carcinogen and mutagen.

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Cold Stream Gravity Filter

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Cleanwater Inline Shower Filter – Replacement filters(pack of 2)

Replacement filter for the Puricom Ivory GAC KDF Inline Shower Filter

This comes in a neat box of 2 and includes free postage and packagingThis is the replacement filter for the Puricom Ivory GAC/KDF Shower Filter. The filter is the replaceable filter component inside the shower filter casing which can be easily removed and replaced in seconds.The filter lasts for approximately 5 months in a two person home.The shower filter has consistently shown to help alleviate bad reactions to chlorine making it ideal for people with sensitive skin, including people with eczema, psoriasis and dry skin conditions. For people without these conditions, the shower filter leaves you with a moisturised feeling after showering by protecting your skin and hair from the oxidant elements in tap water, preserving the skins natural proteins.A unique feature of shower filter is the removable cartridge system, enabling you to easy change the internal filter.This shower filter provides an effective media to remove chlorine in high temperature shower water for chlorine free showers. Fitting is ever-so simple and almost as easy as screwing on a light bulb!- Reduces up to 99.99% of chlorine- Reduces chemical absorption and vapour inhalation- Reduces up to 98% of water soluble heavy metals- Less damage to hair and skin- Contains bacteriostatic media KDF 55
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