Cabinet Softeners


Cabinet Water Softeners

Hard water is water with a high mineral content. Water becomes hard when it flows through mineral
rich rock such as limestone. Minerals which dissolve into the water include calcium and magnesium.
Water hardness increases with the concentrations of these minerals. When heated these minerals will
solidify. Hard water will create scale build-up in pipes, on the heat elements of appliances and in
boilers. This can increase the cost of domestic water heating by about 15-20%. Hard water also
prevents soap from lathering. Soft water is kinder to hair and skin, fabrics are softer, last longer and
whites stay white.

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  • Cleaner taps, baths and basins
  • The savings from more efficient heating
  • Appliances not having to fight against the scale
  • Hair and skin feeling soft and silk
  • Softer feeling clothes and towels


Water Saving Softeners

Reduce water usage on typical softeners by 40%. Each cycle of the softener has been optimised to reduce water usage and these softeners meet the requirements for water efficiency as defined by the code for sustainable homes. The Water Saving softeners are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Irish home. Increasingly water usage is an important factor when choosing which softener to purchase. Water saving softeners give the same performance of conventional softeners but every detail has designed to save as much water as possible

Benefits of Water Softeners

  • Save money on energy bills (24% Saving)
  • Eliminate expensive maintenance bills
  • Remove traces of scale in the shower, bath or sink – scale can give 75% reduction in flow in 18 months
  • Give your skin a silky clean feeling
  • Make your laundry feel softer and look brighter
  • Reduce the high cost of soap and detergents (50% Saving)
  • Compact, fitting under modern sinks, specially designed to fit even the smallest gaps, but still have a high capacity
  • Stylish, fitting equally well into any utility room or kitchen
  • Advanced, efficient and quiet and simple to use
  • Designed to be simple to use
  • Versatile, 2 models for any size of household

Water Softener Description

  • 10 litre Cabinet Softener  @ €595.00
  • c/w Meter Controlled Valve, Adaptor Kit, Brine Well and Float Assembly
  • L – 62cm W – 36cm H – 68cm Weight – 20kg
  • 20 litre Cabinet Softener @ €695.00
  • c/w Meter Controlled Valve, Adaptor Kit, Brine Well and Float Assembly
  • L – 62cm W – 36cm H– 86cm Weight – 30kg

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10 L, 20 L

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